April 22 2020


In our last communication we optimistically predicted we would back to work by now. But we aren’t quite there yet. Within the coming weeks we will re-start unfinished construction - where safety is a concern - within the parameters of Section 30 of the Ontario issued List of Essential Services.  We are continuing to follow the latest direction we recieve from the provincial level. The following excerpt from CTV provides updated information:


TORONTO - Ontario health officials say the wave of new community spread cases of COVID-19 in the province appears to have peaked, but the spread in long-term care homes and other congregate settings seems to be growing. The news comes as Ontario’s COVID-19 command table releases new modelling and potential scenarios in the province’s fight against the novel coronavirus. “While earlier models predicted a peak in cases in May, public health interventions, including widespread adherence to physical distancing, have accelerated the peak to now.” 


Premier Ford has alluded to Victoria Day as the next milestone of hope for a return to business. This prediction has accelerated the need for new safety protocols across all industries. At Curbz we have worked with our industry peers & Landscape Ontario to prepare new safety protocols specific to COVID-19 prevention.


We are as ready as we can be for a seamless return to work, and we remain committed to doing what’s best for all. We will monitor and update here as frequently as new information becomes available. If you would like to discuss your project, please reach out to us at 416-777-2872 or by email to


From our homes to yours, stay safe & healthy!


This page is being continually updated.

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