Our warranty

Our warranty

Warranties and caveats are just a part of doing business.  Everyone has them, and they’re necessary.  We want to be totally upfront and transparent with how our expectations will meet yours.  No surprises! Please read and sign the following to acknowledge your acceptance of these terms.


A one-year, one time replacement warranty applies to all plant material supplied and planted by Curbz Landscaping, provided there is a professionally installed irrigation system in place immediately following the installation of plants.  Clients who purchase plants through us, but choose to install themselves, are not covered under this warranty, regardless of irrigation.

It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to ensure adequate watering and maintenance of all plant material after installation, and during the period of warranty.

We make every effort to source the plants indicated in your design/contract, however plant selections, numbers and sizes are subject to substitution, should stock become unavailable.  Homeowners will be notified of the most suitable substitution in advance of installation.

A two-year warranty applies to all workmanship performed by Curbz Landscaping, provided correct and proper maintenance is followed.  Curbz Landscaping is not responsible for any damages from natural material changes such as staining, discolouring, efflorescence, cracking, chipping, changes in shape that may occur on wood, poured concrete, natural stone, concrete pavers or brick, after installation.  We are also not responsible for damage due to de-icing/salts or any other products applied to natural stone or concrete products.

A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) will be added to all accounts 30 days or more past due.  All plant material and construction warranties will be void after 60 days from date of invoice on past due accounts.

Homeowners/clients agree to allow Curbz Landscaping Inc. to photograph the project site before, during and after the completion of the project for the purpose of training, documentation and promotion, with homeowners receiving prior notification.

Curbz Landscaping does everything possible to ensure landscape construction start dates are met without delay.  Homeowners/clients must acknowledge that Curbz Landscaping is not responsible for circumstances beyond our control including adverse weather, availability or delayed delivery of materials, strikes, or failure of sub contractors of the owner/client to complete other necessary work that precedes the landscape construction project.

Curbz Landscaping is not responsible for unforeseen costs that may occur during the landscape construction process including but not limited to: excavation of hidden rocks, tree trunks, foundations, wells, and vandalism.  These are considered extras to the contract and will be addressed with the client immediately to determine best method and corresponding costs relating to overcoming them.

Curbz Landscaping is responsible for contacting all public utility companies prior to commencement of work.   Any dispute regarding property lines and private utilities is the sole responsibility of the owner to identify.  Whenever a fence and/or wall of any kind is slated for erection between two properties, it will only be undertaken once a registered survey has been provided.

The homeowner/client acknowledges there could be a slight variation in colour between samples shown in catalogues and the actual colour of the material installed due to manufacturing times or natural processes.  If the material stated in the contract is changed at the request of the homeoowner/client and requires a return and re-ordering, there will be a re-stocking charge equal to 30% of the material value.

Curbz Landscaping is not responsible for damage to existing irrigation or lighting systems.  Any adjustments or repairs are the responsibility of the owner/client unless specified within the scope of the contract with Curbz Landscaping.

All employees work for Curbz Landscaping Inc. and are covered by Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (2664847).  Two million ($2,000,000) Liability Insurance is covered by Federated Insurance under policy#8089495.

Sub-contractors of Curbz Landscaping Inc. will provide copies of their own WSIB and Liability Insurance Certificates prior to undertaking any work on behalf of, and this certification can be provided to homeowners/clients upon request.

Any discussions or verbal agreements entered into but not included in your contract are void.  No employee of Curbz Landscaping has any authority to change, alter or add to the contract.

Labour rates for work agreed to in writing by both parties, but outside the scope of the signed contract will be charged at Landscape Ontario rates of $85 per hour (plus materials).  These amounts will either be included in the final invoice or billed as per terms agreed to by both parties.

All materials are the sole property of Curbz Landscaping Inc. until the final invoice is paid in full.

Should owner/client choose to terminate a contract at any time, Curbz Landscaping is entitled to compensation for services performed and materials purchased up to the point of notification in writing by the client.