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Landscape maintenance that goes above and beyond.

We believe speed is not nearly as important as care. Our team takes pride in all aspects of landscaping, ensuring that every part of your property is maintained with great skill and detail. Both hardscape and softscape are within our repertoire of services along with customized tasks specific to your property’s needs. Nothing gets left undone.

What We Offer

Whether its weekly or a one-time job, we offer a range of services to keep your landscape looking perfect. Every job is unique, so we create a maintenance package that is tailored to your needs - no two packages are the same.

Bed Maintenance & Care

We will remove weeds in all of your landscape beds, including pesky weeds growing in and between your shrubs and flowers. Our gardening service is a core element in our essential landscape maintenance.

Property Blowing & Cleanup

We use professional grade blowers to clean all hard surfaces (driveway, sidewalks, walkways) of clippings, dirt and debris - giving your property a clean look, all year long.

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Proper care and maintenance is key to achieving healthy, beautiful hedges. This can involve clipping off an inch or two of unruly growth or aggressively trimming down a plant or shrub to promote new growth next season.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

You could spend your weekends raking the lawn this fall or spring, but you don't have to! With our leaf removal service (included in all maintenance subscriptions) we’ll make sure that the leaves are off your garden, hard surfaces & turf on a regular basis.

Lighting Maintenance

Over time, lighting fixtures often shift, lenses get coated in dirt or dust, and wires can break or detach. Our crews, experienced in low-voltage LED lighting, can perform routine maintenance and identify any repairs needed.

Artificial Turf Care

Turf requires specialized upkeep to stay looking its best! With our years of experience, we know how to handle it. We will remove any debris, add sand as needed and use specialized brushes to revitalize your artificial turf.

Lawn Mowing

We offer homeowners convenience and go beyond simple grass cutting to help you maximize the health of your lawn. A well-maintained lawn is an essential  complement to your landscape.

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Mulch protects your soil and plants, retains moisture, and prevents weeds. We can apply fresh mulch to your garden beds or provide a top-up to your existing mulch to keep your gardens beautiful, healthy and weed-free!

Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand deters weeds and insects, allows for drainage and extends the life of your hardscape. But over time, the sand can sink and erode. We can give you a top-up and identify any deeper repairs needed.

Seasonal Planters

We can design, install and maintain your seasonal planters. Whatever style or scale - decorative planters on a front porch, or raised garden planters in a backyard - let us take care of it all!

Burlap & Garden Winterization

Whether it is removing annuals, burlapping evergreens, trimming down bushes or protecting delicate root systems, we develop a personalized approach to getting your gardens ready for winter so that they can thrive come spring!

Power Washing & Stone Cleaning

Over time, dirt, mildew and scale can build up on natural stone. With industry grade power washers, we will keep your stone in top condition so that you can show off the natural beauty of your hardscape!

Maintenance, done differently

Experience ensures results

Our 17 years of experience in design & build with highly qualified, award-winning crews allows us to understand exactly how your space was built - and how to keep it looking its very best.


Going the extra mile

Most landscape maintenance packages are limited in what they can offer you, sticking to the basics of maintenance - lawn and garden care. As a design and build company, we have the resources to help maintain aspects of your built environment that other companies leave behind.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is your service area?

We service the following Toronto neighbourhoods: North York, York Mills, Don Mills, Lawrence Park, Bedford Park, Lytton Park, Moore Park, Leaside, Forest Hill North & South, Yonge & Eglinton, Yonge & St. Clair, Rosedale, Summerhill, Annex.

If you're not sure whether we service your specific address, reach out and our team will get back to you!

How does payment work? 

For most one-time or seasonal maintenance packages, you will receive an itemized quote before services start, and will be invoiced after the job is done! For ongoing (weekly, biweekly) maintenance, the annual cost is calculated and broken down into 12 equal monthly payments, payable by pre-authorized credit or debit payments.

How long does an estimate take? 

After initial contact, our maintenance team will reach out to schedule a site visit. You will receive a full itemized estimate within 48 hours of a site visit.

How does cancellation work? What if I move? 

We require 30 days prior notice for cancellation of maintenance services.


"Completely happy with the end result"

We are so happy that we chose Curbz for our front and backyard landscaping project. We have a small city lot and wanted something clean, minimal and modern looking. From the design and planning stage, through the execution and building, to the final result, we were so pleased with the project. The Curbz team was completely professional the whole way through, yet I also felt the personal attention of a smaller company.

‐ Laurie T., Read Full Review

"I would happily recommend Curbz"

We had a problem that was beyond our skills. I contacted Ian and discussed the situation, and he agreed that we should meet. He was on time and understood the problem. He had a solution. The job was done efficiently and on budget. I would happily recommend Curbz as a solver or landscaping problems.

‐ Jim W., Read Full Review

"We could not have hired a better contractor"

The designs Curbz created were perfect for our property and the installation services were exceptional. A crew was at the house working on our project every day until it was 100% completed. Whether they were dry laying stone, or wet laying stone steps in cement, digging trenches for electrical, or creating beautiful arched wooden arbors and gates, they attended to every detail with expertise and efficiency — and with smiles on their faces. They were always intent on doing quality work without cutting corners.

‐ M. Grant, Read Full Review